Potential Research

We look for opportunities in the transformation of lands that have been scarcely utilized or that require preparation to reach their potential. We identify the most appropriate uses based on soil factors and the nature of the land and its environment.

Planning and analysis

Using first-line technology and the technical expertise of our team, we created a long-term work plan to create a project that generates the greatest possible added value to the land to be exploited. This planning and analysis is done taking into account the long-term sustainability as well as the greater responsibility in the
communities where the project is carried out so that it does not only bring economic returns to those directly involved in the project but also generates value to the community in a sustainable way.

Market Research

Once the planning and analysis have been carried out and the optimal uses of the land have been identified, we study the potential of the market and the necessary tools for its subsequent commercialization. This includes the study of local labor, access to ports or land routes, access to necessary supplies, local regulatory requirements and access of specialized professionals to the project.

Project development

Our professionals include agronomists, project managers, financial specialists, sustainability specialists and a trading team. Our professionals have more than 40 years of experience iin creating value in agroindustrial projects.


The execution of an agro-industrial project from land with low productive value to productive land requires planning and management that often includes challenges that are not easily identifiable in the beginning. Choosing the right team to carry out the project as well as the right professionals requires very deep technical knowledge. Our team counts with the necessary tools and staff to guarantee the lands' increase in value.


Once the transformation of the land into production has taken place, it is necessary to have the tools to achieve the maximum potential of its production. For this, it is necessary to have a reliable and cost-effective marketing means in order to compete favorably in the market. For this, the ALCAAL Agroindustrial team has the best experts in the commercialization of grains as well as agricultural products of higher added value.